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ÔMINA ROMANA is based in Latium, 15 miles from Rome, near Velletri and within the area of the Roman Castles within the Alban Hills.

The area features a millennia-old vine making tradition and it is considered one of the most important winemaking historical areas in Europe, since its tradition goes back to more than 2700 years ago and it is renowned for being the birthplace of the main wine varietals, which were already exported by the ancient Romans at the time as they conquered new lands, because of the unique features of their vines, due to the volcanic soil.

Our symbol, the phoenix rising from its ashes is born from here and is identified with the rebirth of Latin wines within a renewed dimension.

Established in 2007 by the Börner family, the property lies on a single 80-hectares block featuring a production of red grapes by 60% and of white grapes by 40%; the company owes its name to the Latin origin of ÔMINA (good  omens) and to ROMANA as a tribute to the area and to its ancient history.
Even since the establishment of the company Anton Börner, the founder, has analysed and improved the features of the soil and of the native varietals.

By the same token, new and sophisticated technologies allowed the creation of an innovative company, considering its facilities, its irrigation system and its barrel cellar, featuring more than 500 French durmast barriques. The whole of the cultivation is focused on sustainability and complies with the natural cycle.

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ÔMINA ROMANA - Chardonnay

100% Chardonnay - (6x75cl)


ÔMINA ROMANA - Diana Nemorensis I

50 % Merlot, 30 % Cabernet Sauvignon, 20 % Cabernet Franc - (6x75cl)


ÔMINA ROMANA - Hermes Diactoros II

62% Viognier,13% Incr. Manzoni,13% Petit Manseng, 12% Chard.- (6x75cl)