Our COIP cooperative offers a range of advantages for wine distributors who choose to be part of it:
Access to a wide range of Italian wines: Being part of our cooperative allows distributors to have access to a diverse variety of Italian wines from different regions. We are able to offer them a diversified and comprehensive selection, enabling them to meet the needs of their customers with a wide and high-quality range.

Competitive prices:
 Thanks to our ability to pool resources and purchase in large quantities, we are able to negotiate better deals and ensure competitive prices from wineries. Distributors who collaborate with us benefit from this cost advantage, allowing them to offer competitive and appealing prices to their customers while maintaining profitability.
Simplified procurement process and cost savings on personnel: By working with our cooperative, distributors can enjoy a simplified procurement process that reduces the need for human resources in supply coordination. Instead of managing negotiations and orders with multiple individual wineries, they can rely on us as a single point of contact for all their sourcing needs. This not only saves valuable time but also reduces personnel costs, allowing distributors to optimize resources and focus on other key activities of their business.

Marketing and promotional support:
As part of our cooperative, distributors receive marketing and promotional support. We organize joint advertising campaigns, participate in major trade fairs, and provide marketing materials and resources. This support allows distributors to increase the visibility of their products and attract new customers, enhancing their business activities.
Sharing of knowledge and expertise: Being part of our cooperative provides distributors with the opportunity to share knowledge and experiences with other members. This fosters collective growth, allowing them to stay updated on the latest market trends, wine ratings, and customer preferences. Through this sharing, distributors can make informed decisions and improve their competitiveness in the industry. It enables distributors to stay ahead in the ever-evolving wine industry and adapt to customer needs more effectively. The combination of knowledge and expertise sharing with the utilization of new technologies creates a powerful synergy that can promote the growth and success of distributors within our cooperative.

Sustainability and traceability:
As a cooperative, we place great importance on the sustainability and traceability of our products. Distributors who join us can benefit from the opportunity to offer wines with strong sustainability credentials, meeting the growing demand from environmentally-conscious consumers. Additionally, we ensure traceability