COIP is more than just a merchant of Italian wines. We take pride in producing and distributing our own wines, putting passion and dedication into every bottle we create. This distinction sets us apart from other wine supplier, as we have direct control over every stage of production, from tending the vineyards to bottling. Through this complete control of the process, we ensure high-quality standards and offer wines that fully embody the essence of Italy's rich winemaking tradition.

Choosing COIP means having direct access to high-quality Italian wines, competitive prices, and personalized service. As Italian wine producers, we are passionate about our work and eager to share our expertise and passion with you. We are ready to become your trusted partner in the wine industry, offering a wide selection of wines produced by us and dedicated support to help you achieve success.

Free wine consultation:
We also provide a complimentary wine consulting service with an accredited taste consultant to assist restaurateurs in pairing the right wines with their meals, enhancing their overall customer experience. Finally, our dedicated team of wine experts provides staff training by delivering comprehensive training on producers and their products. We are committed to helping our customers achieve customer satisfaction and financial goals.

Marketing Support:
At COIP, we also offer marketing support and promotion for customer activities such as events a tasting, exclusive customer products, and more. We work closely and consistently with our customers to ensure their success.


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are always happy to provide advice and assistance."