About Us

We are an association of specialised Italian wine producers  based in the United Kingdom. Our aim was to help eliminate the middlemen and bring you direct contact with our Italian vineyards. With over 40 Italian wine producers from 16 different regions, we can deliver a diverse range of wines and know how to adapt to the tastes and preferences of our clients.

Our producers bring over 100 years of experience which provides us with a solid foundation of knowledge and expertise for the wines we deliver to you. We are committed to providing quality wines at affordable prices.



We offer the best value for money; Selection of widely tested products specifically for the UK market; Constant research in selecting products required by the market.


What we propose:

    • Become a benchmark in the UK as credible and reliable Made in Italy supplier;
    • Reach the potential customers faster and without intermediaries;
    • Offer a wide range of the most renowned products starting from the lesser known autochthonous ones; with particular attention to the latest innovative production techniques with a strong imprint of Bio and Organic goods;
    • Economize on traditional promotion channels such as fairs and events by transferring co-marketing activities to the customers of our own distributors / importers;
    • Facilitate orders with a unified price list offering a wide selection of products without overloading the distributor, as we can handle small orders with next day delivery;
    • Design new dedicated product lines on request, from labels to product presentation.


Over 3500 customers have already chosen our wines and food products throughout our distributors in UK. Our mission is to consolidate the presence of our high-quality products in the UK by offering a unique, innovative, and transparent trade relationship between producers and the specialised channels of the hospitality industry.

To achieve this, we have set up a warehouse in London for rapid UK-wide deliveries, allowing our clients to economise on traditional promotion channels such as fairs and events. Our wine warehouse is conveniently located for quick and efficient deliveries to businesses all over the UK