Producer: Vignamadre

For Di Carlo Family balance between man, time and nature is an authentic lifestyle choice, always at the centre of their winemaking. Being pioneers of organic has shown them how wine excellence does not allow for shortcuts or gimmicks. For the Di Carlo Family every single choice is a concrete commitment.

They choose a bio-architecture structures in the winery to make it naturally integrated with the surrounding landscape. They used low-impact materials to make everything totally sustainable. They work with chromotherapy and music therapy in the cellar to make everyone participate in an ethical and shared vision.

Producer: Casa Setaro

Casa Setaro is located in Trecase, in the province of Naples, inside the Vesuvius National Park, which has been a UNESCO Biosphere Reserve since 1995.

It is a story that has always been linked to the combination of three elements: the volcanic earth, the climate mitigated by the sea of the Gulf of Naples and the meticulous experience of a family committed to handing down the love and respect for viticulture from father to son.

This priceless heritage of values and genetically unique ungrafted vines is the starting point for producing a range of high quality wines with a strong identity.

Everything stems from the care and wholesomeness of the raw material: without quality grapes, an excellent wine cannot be obtained.

For Casa Setaro, love for wine is like love for children. Each bunch of grapes must grow with the same benevolent dedication: to do well today and to do well tomorrow.

Producer: Coppadoro / Tenute Sanella

In 1999, in a well-known area in the vast panorama of Italian enology, “the Daunia” in the fertile countryside of San Severo, a new story comes to life. The challenge starts from a beautiful hill in the Alto Tavoliere, the Coppadoro, from where you can admire the Gargano, the Sub-Apennines and the endless Tavoliere delle Puglie. In 2001 two entrepreneurs, united by a great ambition and passion for the land, make this dream a beautiful reality. Thus Tenuta Coppadoro was born.

Producer: Costadoria

Our farm and the winery wish to promote the knowledge of the typical Sardinian products as a vehicle to affirm the belonging to our land and promote Sardinia not only in terms of agriculture but also in terms of tourism and cultural profile.

With our wines we export a bit of Sardinia!

The location of the vineyard, the microclimate, and above all the particular floodplain soil with an extraordinary organic richness, the result of the periodic flooding of the Coghinas river, make the "Zinta" vineyard the real secret of the success of our wines. The particular fertility of this vineyard and the symbiosis with the river, whose floodings have become frequent, expresses the quintessence of our Cannonau di Sardegna DOC.

Producer: Azienda D'Addario

Aziende Agricole D’Addario is inspired by the ambition, the love for the land, and the dream of bottling wines which recount the authentic strength of Puglia. These have driven the D’Addario family to pursue a production model aimed at creating refined wines of the highest quality. From this pursuit of exellence originate the close ties with families of expert, experienced winemakers in two very strategic areas of Puglia: Sava, home of the renowned Primitivo di Manduria DOC, and Turi, cradle of the Primitivo DOC of Gioia del Colle.

Producer: Fausti

The brand name Fausti was given through the joint initiative of Domenico D'Angelo and Cristina Fausti with the specific purpose of establishing a structure that would integrate harmoniously in the territory, which they have always loved and where they grew up.

Due to the years of experience acquired in vineyards they were not scared of facing such a challenging mission.

The strong ties with the land, coupled with the perfect combination of high density of vines per hectare and low production of grapes per vine have produced exceptional results.

Producer: Fratelli Brunello

Founded in 1840, the distillery of the Brunello brothers is now run by the fourth generation of the family, namely Giovanniand Paolo (sons of Giandomenico), and Stefano Brunello (son of Antonio).

Introducing the new image of the Brunello grappa are three novel lines: Origini, Classici and Talenti. These products reflect where the Brunellos want to position their distillates today.

Producer: I Magredi

Since 1968 the Tombacco family has passionately cultivated the land and the vine. I Magredi was bought in 1968 by Otello Tombacco, entrepreneur native of Oderzo.

At the beginning there were several crops: arable areas alternating apple trees, peach trees and finally vineyards. The harvested fruit was sold at the stand while the grape was brought to Oderzo for the vinification.

In 1985 after his graduation Michelangelo, Otello’s son, began to work in the family business and in the late ‘80s they transform I Magredi in a winery choosing to cultivate only vineyards.

Producer: Massucco

For four generations the Massucco family has managed the cellars of the same name. The company is passionately committed to the continuation to the cultivation of the vineyards, processing of the grapes, production and marketing of the wine. By carefully following the whole supply chain, the Italian winery can offer a product of excellence to all of those who wish to taste the best of the Roero. The company produces red and white wines, sparkling wines and crus, which bear the DOC and DOCG denominations.

Producer: Metinella

Metinella Winery, a Montepulciano-based estate in the heart of the famous wine-growing area of Vino Nobile di Montepulciano, extends over 25 hectares, 20 of which are under vine cultivation. Its sandy soil owes its origin to the Pliocene epoch and enjoys a favorable sunlight exposure from the east to the south. Metinella can organize for its guests an experience from the vineyard to the table: Wine tours, Wine Tastings, Walk&Wine and Pure lunch. Metinella Winery is pleased to offer to your customers the opportunity to enjoy the combination of poetic meals matched with unforgettable wines. All this in the splendid setting of the Tuscan countryside.

Producer: Omina Romana

ÔMINA ROMANA is a family-run vineyard and winery founded by the Börner family in 2007. When deciding where to start their business, they settled on the area of Velletri, among the lush volcanic hills of the Castelli Romani that overlook the Tyrrhenian Sea, about 40 km south of Rome. The project began with a clear vision, one which has inspired every decision from the time of its inception: to create a new sort of winegrowing and wine producing business, one whose products would embody its values – an excellence of quality born of knowledge and science, passion and dedication. This is the origin of our philosophy, Mens et Manus, or mind and hand.

Producer: Perelli


Producer: Bixio

A family story, a vineyard story.

It dates back to 1866, when Lieutenant Nino Bixio from Genoa - Giuseppe Garibaldi's right arm - during his stay in the Verona area for the battle of Custoza (24 June 1866) lived a love story with a local noblewoman.

Alfonso, born of this relationship, inherited some lands in the Soave area and since then, for five generations now, the heirs of the family have dedicated themselves to the cultivation of vines.

Producer: Rossello

Winery since 1920.

Four generations of winemaking passion.

We strive for high quality wines through careful selection of grapes and high production standards.

Our wide range satisfies both connoisseurs and young consumers

Producer: Sottoriva Antica


Producer: Tenuta La Presa

Tenuta La Presa is a dream coming true for the Dei Micheli family.

In 1995, the courageous decision of buying a large estate of over 30 hectare at Caprino Veronese was taken. It was called “La Presa” and it became the starting point of what it is today.

With over 100 hectare and two wine cellars, of production and aging, Tenuta La Presa is one of the most beautiful wineries in the Veronese area.

Each day, Adelino, Marilena, Fabio and Serena share this great passion for producing amazing wine in this unique territory.

Producer: Tenuta San Jacopo

A farmhouse in Chianti, with authentic charm. A story that dates back to the beginning of the ‘700.

An eighteenth-century villa, at the gates of Chianti.

A series of charming colonial houses forming a farmhouse suspended in silence, surrounded by avenues of cypresses, pine trees and farm wineries.

Between Chianti Classico and Valdarno, 130 hectares of vineyards, olive groves and woods. A farm and an agritourism that regain their ancient prestige thanks to the long work of our family that strongly wanted to recreate a welcoming but true atmosphere, still tied to the peasant tradition of this segment of Tuscany.

Producer: Cantine Vinci

In 1997 our three families of growers decided to buy the brand “Cantine Vinci” and to start a new adventure which would have involved them in the transformation of their grapes into wines with a distinct and constant quality.

Going from simply growers to wine-makers wasn’t so easy, but the experience, transmitted from father to son for generations, has been useful to let us understand what grapes were good to get the best quality wine,what were the best times for the grapes harvest, what were the soils to raise mainly the physiological and productive properties of several cultivars.

Producer: Zyme

Located in the heart of Valpolicella Classica, the ancient sandstone quarry, dating back to the 15th century, testifies to the intimate interrelationship between Zýmē’s philosophy and its local corner of earth. This underground complex, irresistibly fascinating and radiating an utterly distinctive genius loci, provides unique continuity between the past of tradition and the future of innovation. As the locus where nature, culture, and history converge, the quarry serves as the very foundation stone of Zýmē, its bodily structure fashioned of natural stone, the magical cavern in which, year after year, the wines mature, then finally enter the bottle.

Producer: Pirani Prosecco

Producer: Marzodd

Marzodd is a young and dynamic company engaged in selection and promotion of local excellence. At the base of each product is the pursuit of excellence through a meticulous selection of raw materials e of the hands that take care of it. “Choose excellence” is our motto. We locate, select and we bottle the best wine and extra virgin olive oil of the territory of Puglia, enclosing them in sophisticated and avant-garde packaging.