Bag-in-box Wine

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Once a symbol of cheap wine, boxed wines have come a long way. Decanter's tasting team has positively rated as many as 28 boxed wines!Box wine  – or ‘bag in box’ – has enjoyed a recent surge in demand, which suggests that consumer habits and perceptions may be changing.
Bag-in-box wines present quality wines at a good value. They also preserve wines longer than open bottles and are more practical to use served in a “Carafe ” or as  “Wine by the glass”.

 Key Benefits Of Box Wine

✅Are easier to stock, as they take less room than bottles, and there is no risk of breakage.

✅Prices are much lower.

✅Are sustainable, also taking into account the global shortage of glass bottles, corks etc.

✅Because cardboard is lighter than glass, and the volumes per unit are larger, packaging and transportation costs are drastically reduced.

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