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An elegant expression of liveliness and freshness. It distinguishes itself with its subtle
balance between sweetness and acidity, accompanied by a light hint of ripe fruit. 'Extra Dry' indicates a moderate level of sweetness, where the fruity flavor harmoniously merges with a delicate, lingering dryness. It's the perfect choice for those seeking a refined and versatile experience, enjoyable on its own or paired with light dishes and appetizers
SIGHT: Fine and persistent perlage, with a bright straw yellow color
TASTE: Fresh and elegant. Rich with citrusy and floral aromas
AROMA: Smooth, aromatic, and persistent. Ideal as an aperitif. With a delicate taste,
it pairs well with oysters and shellfish, as well as white meats. Its salinity
achieves a perfect balance with the flavors of the accompanying delicacies
Colour: Brilliant straw yellow.

Grape Variety: Best grapes selection 

Serve with: Excellent aperitif and off-meal thanks to his ample freshness and adequate sugar content.

To be served at: 6° C

Residuale sugars: 15 gr/l - Extra Dry
Acidity: 5,97 mg/l
PH: 3,16
CO2 Pressure: 4.5 bar

Allergens: Sulphites

ABV: 11%

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