PIRANI - Prosecco Premium - DOC Extra Dry

(6 X 75cl.)



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The Prosecco is an Italian sparkling wine with a long history dating back several centuries. Its production is primarily concentrated in the regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia in northeastern Italy. The first documented traces of Prosecco date back to the 16th century when it was mainly produced as a still wine. However, it is in the 19th century that Prosecco begins to gain popularity as a sparkling wine. It was produced through natural fermentation in the bottle, a technique similar to that used in the production of champagne. In the 1960s, a faster and less expensive production method called the "Charmat method" was developed. This method involves a second fermentation in large stainless-steel tanks, allowing for increased production and wider distribution of Prosecco. This significantly contributed to the expansion and growing popularity of the wine.
An elegant expression of liveliness and freshness. It distinguishes itself with its subtle balance between sweetness and acidity, accompanied by a light hint of ripe fruit. The 'Extra Dry' label indicates a moderate level of sweetness, where the fruity flavor harmoniously merges with a delicate and persistent dryness. It's the ideal choice for those seeking a refined and versatile experience, perfect on its own or paired with light dishes and appetizers.


SIGHT: Fine and persistent perlage, with a bright straw yellow color
TASTE: Fresh and elegant. Abundant with citrus and floral notes
AROMA: Smooth, aromatic, and persistent. Ideal as an aperitif. With a delicate taste,
it pairs well with oysters and shellfish, as well as white meats. Its salinity achieves a perfect balance with the flavors of the accompanying delicacies


METHOD: Charmat
FLAVOUR: Intense with notes on white fruit.
COLOUR: Straw yellow with elegant perlace, 
SERVE WITH: Fish, delicate first courses and cheese. "The soul of aperitif"


Residual sugars: 14-15 gr/l - Extra Dry
Acidity: 5,78 mg/l
PH: 3,16
CO2 Pressure: 5 bar

ABV: 11%

ALLEGENS: Sulphites

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