COSTADORIA - "COSTADORIA" Sardinian Cannonau Riserva 2018

100% Cannonau DOC - (6x75cl.)



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The Cannonau is a 100% Sardinian wine, and grape seeds dating back to 1200 B.C. have been discovered. During that period, the ancient inhabitants of the island, who sailed throughout the Mediterranean, are believed to have contributed to spreading Cannonau to Spain. The ripening period is medium to late (late September). From an agronomic standpoint, Cannonau is a rather vigorous vine with not very high yields but remarkable adaptability, justifying its cultivation in vastly different climatic and soil conditions. Cannonau is produced across the entire territory of Sardinia, excluding unsuitable lands such as excessively calcareous, low-thickness, high-slope soils, those derived from recent alluvial deposits, and hydromorphic soils in coastal areas affected by alkalinization and salinization. The "Cannonau di Sardegna" red wine appears with a more or less intense ruby red color, tending towards orange with aging. It has a pleasant aroma, and its taste is dry and characteristic. Its aroma is notably pronounced in heavy plain soils and sandy coastal areas

Leaf characteristics
The Cannonau vine has a medium-sized, orbicular, reniform, pentalobate, trilobate leaf.
Cluster characteristics
The Cannonau vine has a medium-sized, cylindrical, conical cluster.
Berry characteristics
The Cannonau vine has medium-sized berries, spherical in shape, with a very pruinose (frosted) skin and a blue-black color

Denomination: Cannonau di Sardegna DOC

Grapes: cannonau 100%

Production Area: Badesi

Altitude: 50 meters above sea level

Cultivation System: Guyot

Plant Density: 5000 plants per hectare

Yeld per Hectare: 70 quintals

Harvest period: third decade of September. Manual collection in boxes of 20 Kg

Vinification: destemming of the grapes, macerated for 10 days.

Fermentation temperature: 20 - 23 ºC. Soft pressing, spontaneous malolactic

Aging: 12 months of aging on lees in stainless steel tanks

Tasting notes: intense ruby red with violet reflections. It opens to the nose with floral notes of violet and rose, then expresses the sweet notes of oriental essences ennobled by black minerality and nutmeg. All supported by the fragrance of cherry and berries, dominated by raspberry. The taste is fresh and lively, accompanied by notes of cocoa and licorice. The finish is dry and clean and closes with the power and warmth typical of the grape

Pairings: Cold cuts such as bacon, sardinian sausage and cup. First courses: ricotta ravioli, malloreddus alla campidanese (typical sardinian pasta). Roasts of traditional Sardinian meats such as roast pork and lamb and fat meats in general. Fresh and semi-aged cheeses, better if goat’s or pecorino

Serving temperature: 18 – 20 °C


ABV: 14.5%

ALLERGEN INFO: Contains Sulphite and no other allergens

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