60% Rond. Bianca, 15% G. Tram., 15% Kerner, 10% Incr. Manz. - (6x75cl)



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The name Zýmē, from Greek, means “yeast.” Yeast is, of course, an indispensible element in the world of oenology, but it also bears a symbolic meaning, since it conjures up the concept of naturalness, a fundamental value in Celestino Gaspari’s professional and existential journey, as well as the process of fermenting, understood as a continuous striving towards transformation.In harmony with that philosophy, the winery logo represents a grapevine leaf in which is centred a pentagon, symbol of the five basic elements that combine to yield wine: man-vine-earth-sun-water.
The White "From Black to White" by Zymé is, as the Venetian winery likes to define it, "the wine that wasn't there." Due to a quirk of nature, it underwent a genetic mutation from the natural Rondinella red grape variety to a white grape. However, it's not only Rondinella Bianco that contributes to the creation of this intriguing white wine; it also incorporates Gold Traminer, Kerner, and Incrocio Manzoni.
Grapes: 60% Rondinella Bianca, 15% Gold Traminer, 15% Kerner, 10%  Incrocio Manzoni

Town/area: Negrar, Illasi, Tregnago (Verona).

Vinification and maturation: de-stemming and pressing, 24hours of cryomaceration on the skins, gravity settlingat 7-8°C, controlled fermentation in concrete vats for ca. 20 days. Sur lie maturation for a minimum of 6months, with weekly bâtonnage.

FOOD PARING: excellent as an aperitif wine, it is delicious as well with shellfish, fish, risotto and asparagus, chard, and soups.

Appearance: luminous, with green is hand pale yellow high lights. Impressive glycerol-derivedviscosity

Bouquet: delicate notes of spring wild flowers, fruit, and country herbs; acacia, primrose, Golden Delicious apple, pink grape fruit, mint, vanilla, elder flower. Delicate and elegant, with perfectly-balanced aromatics

Palate: seductive, rich, complex, tangy, minerally, very lengthy. Suitable for long ageing.

ABV: 13%, 

SERVING TEMPERATURE: 10 - 12 °C - Recommended glass: tulip-orballo on-shaped stemmed glass

TOTAL ACIDITY: - 5.2 g/l
DRYEXTRACT: 20g/l pH3.45

ALLERGEN INFO: Contains Sulphitte and no other allergens

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