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100% Moscato - (6x75cl.)

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6 X 75cl
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Moscato liquoroso di Marsala is a sweet and aromatic wine produced with Moscato Bianco grapes in the region of Marsala, Sicily. It is characterized by its sweet taste, brilliant golden color, and intense floral and fruity aromas. It is a delightful option for those who enjoy sweet and aromatic wines to be enjoyed on special occasions or paired with refined desserts.
GRAPE VARIETY: 100% Moscato
PRODUCTION AREA: Marsala territory
GROWING SYSTEM: Espalier with Guyot pruning
VINIFICATION: In steel tanks at controlled temperature(16/18°C); developed the first 5-6° alcohol degrees during the alcoholic fermentation, some ethyl alcohol of wine-producing origin is added until about 16° alcohol degrees to stop the fermentation and to preserve, in this way, some must sugars and aromas Maturing in bottles: At least 1 month

TASTING NOTES: Intense golden yellow with copper-coloured highlights. Smell Intense and harmonious, with pleasant and clear hints of yellow peaches, orange and tangerine peels, dry figs and dates. Taste wide and sweet nectar, full-bodied; to the palate it shows a great texture with a sense of aromatic hints

REFINING IN BARRRRELS: At least 3 months

GASTRONOMIC PAIRINGS: Excellent dessert wine, it goes well with aniseed biscuits, Sicilian pastries, chocolate desserts, jam tarts and homemade fruit ice creams.Hors d’oeuvres, fish dishes, white meats and soft cheeses.


RESIDUAL SUGAR:  - 140 grams/litre

ABV: 16%

ALLERGEN INFO: Contains Sulphitte and no other allergens


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