BOSCA - Peach Sparkletini




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At the end of the 1990s, Luigiterzo invented a revolutionary cap: it can be screwed back on and keeps the fragrance intact for days. On the market it is known as Multistap, the stopper that makes a pouf. 

Peach-flavoured low-alcohol sparkling drink
This sparkling drink, a perfect combination of cereals and wine, has the wonderful aroma of peach. A fragrance that takes you back in time, to the carefree moments of your childhood. 

MAIN INGREDIENTS: Cereals, wine and peach scents natural flavours, no coloring added

TASTING NOTE: Color straw yellow with orange highlights. Scents peach. Taste enveloping and ripe, as sweet as the peach pulp with an almond finish.


ABV: 5%

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