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“La Staffa del Quinta” (the Quinta’s Stirrup) is an unprecedented experimental winery that has several locations and groups together some small producers from Alta Valpolicella and Lessinia who grow their vines in a homogeneous area, but extreme in terms of altitude and steep slopes. In this context, the grapes, of ancient and almost forgotten varieties, come from small vineyards certified by Biodiversity Friend: the first certification for the protection of biodiversity in agriculture. The grapes with very high acidity, typical of this foothill area, arrive in the cellar in small boxes where they are lightly pressed to extract no more than fifty percent of the juice called “flower must”.
The initial cleaning of the must, thanks to the cold sedimentation, is very accurate. Fermentation begins at about ten degrees of temperature spontaneously without selected yeasts: the cleaning of the must and the environmental conditions help the indigenous yeasts to start fermentation at low temperatures.
The wine obtained, called sparkling wine base, remains on its lees for about eight months in small steel tanks without racking. The Battonage two or three times a week keep yeasts in suspension. This produces a complete wine, rich in natural extracts and with a range of aromas that expresses the terroir to which it belongs.
The sparkling wine base, depending on the origin and type of grapes, is destined for small autoclaves for a “long” Martinotti (long Charmat) method or for the bottle for a Classic Method.
The wine is fermented a second time in 10 or 20 hectolitres small autoclaves, thanks to the small size this fermentation maintains all the original characteristics of the wine. The second fermentation of a wine matured for a long time on yeasts has both the characteristics of still wine and those of sparkling wine, becoming an ideal ambassador of a unique place.
“TOGHE ROSÉ” Brut 2019
From Pinot Noir grapes (clones of San Michele all’Adige), Corvinone and Garganega grown at an altitude between 300 and 500 meter above sea level. Thanks to the elegance of the charming scent and the fullness of taste, it is a wine that expresses itself fully throughout the meal.

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