COPPADORO - GRIFONI Bombino Bio IGP Puglia ORGANIC - (6x75cl.)



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6 X 75cl
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Wine produced from Bombino grapes, a vine that is typical of northern Apulia. Its growing in this area dates back to a long time ago and GRIFONI aims at rediscovering its tradition.

The name Bombino gave rise to several schools of thought, the most reliable being the one that recognizes a likeness with the words “good wine"; these two
words together in the Apulian dialect would form the word "Bombino".

Ideal for raw and cooked fish meals, possibly saltwater fish. Very good as aperitif, too perhaps accompanied by toasted bread in white sauce and fresh sweet-and-sour vegetables. Easy drinking wine, it does not need a long ageing in bottle, but it keeps its qualities intact even for a couple of years.

ABV: 12%