Producer: Vignamadre

For Di Carlo Family balance between man, time and nature is an authentic lifestyle choice, always at the centre of their winemaking. Being pioneers of organic has shown them how wine excellence does not allow for shortcuts or gimmicks. For the Di Carlo Family every single choice is a concrete commitment.

They choose a bio-architecture structures in the winery to make it naturally integrated with the surrounding landscape. They used low-impact materials to make everything totally sustainable. They work with chromotherapy and music therapy in the cellar to make everyone participate in an ethical and shared vision.

Vigna Madre is the symbol of the Di Carlo ‘s love for the Abruzzo Land. For them, Abruzzo is a perfect mix of perseverance and wisdom and it makes wine a pure emotion.

Vigna Madre represents a selection of labels capable of interpreting the most authentic DNA of the best Abruzzo vines in a modern way.