Bag-in-box Wine

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Once a symbol of cheap wine, boxed wines have come a long way. Decanter's tasting team has positively rated as many as 28 boxed wines!

Box wine  – or ‘bag in box’ – has enjoyed a recent surge in demand, which suggests that consumer habits and perceptions may be changing.

Not restricted to the value end of the market, we are also seeing an increasing number of premium wines.

Bag-in-box wines present quality wines at a good value. They also preserve wines longer than open bottles and are more practical to use served in a “Carafe ” or as  “Wine by the glass”.


Key Benefits Of Box Wine

Bearing in mind that bag-in-box wines are not designed for ageing wine, bag-in-box will have an increase in the HORECA sector, because of the obvious advantages :

✅Are easier to stock, as they take less room than bottles, and there is no risk of breakage.

✅Prices are much lower.

✅Are sustainable, also taking into account the global shortage of glass bottles, corks etc.

✅Because cardboard is lighter than glass, and the volumes per unit are larger, packaging and transportation costs are drastically reduced.

COIP, Cooperative Of Italian Producers proposes the following Bag-in-Box by Baccichetto, a member COIP producer of quality wines from the Friuli Venezia Giulia region.